We’ve been doing a little bit of research to work out the 5 key reasons why women decide to take the plunge with cosmetic surgery. We know you think about it for a long time, but what actually tips the ‘yes’ button? Here’s what we discovered!

1.A Big Birthday – turning 40 or 50 tends to be a tipping point. We assess where we are in life, what we’ve achieved and what would make us happier. Breast uplifts or enlargements feature top of the list here!

2.Divorce – any break up crushes our confidence, so again it’s the perfect time to change things and feel good about ourselves. Many women take the bull by the horns, seeing it as an opportunity to go for the surgery they’ve always wanted.

3.Wedding Bells - getting married for the first time or again is a great reason to look your best. A new start in a new body!

4.Inheritance Windfall – funding the surgery is sometimes the only thing holding some women back. Many say it’s a way of turning a sad time into something that can bring them happiness and boost self-esteem.

5.Family Growing Up – Being a mother and dedicating your life to family is hugely rewarding, but dramatically changes your body shape. Surgery can bring the old you back again – but better. Tighter tummy, firmer boobs, whatever you choose, it’s brilliant to do something just for you.

Maybe you see yourself in here, or maybe you have different reasons. Why not share them with a comment today!


I can definitely see myself here! So excited for my consultation next week x

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