6 weeks post op Breast Augmentation 450cc Unders

Hayley Henderson

Just thought i would add a quick update now i am over 6 weeks and fully healed. It really is the best decision i have made to have a Breast Augmentation, especially now i can start wearing lovely lacey bras and strappy clothing without having to worry about my boobs looking saggy as now they are looking perfect and I can now take advantage of cloth shopping.

I am now over 6 weeks and scars have fully healed and told they will get lighter and lighter in colour over time. It seems like so long ago now that I had the procedure and its surprising how quickly I have gotten used to my new assets. I remember when I had them done and being sore and thinking am I going to get used to them but the 6 weeks has flown by and I am more than happy with my results and look better then I imagined.

Once I reached my 6 weeks and had the all clear from my nurse I eased myself back into the gym, mainly doing lower body still being very careful not to do to much or over stretch. I also religiously wore my support bra for the full 6 weeks of recovery and now as they are so comfortable I tend to still wear them day to day saving my new lace bras for evening and special occasions.

I now feel perfectly back to normal and I am completely in love with my new breasts, I've had so many compliments from my friends telling me how amazing they are all thanks to Fitzroy Surgery and Mr Kazzazi. I feel extremely lucky to have the results I have and could not recommend Fitzroy Surgery enough.

I have added my instagram link to follow my journey of photographs and I am happy to answer any questions https://www.instagram.com/ba_fitzroy_Surgery_

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