Benelli lift?


Hi, I am considering an uplift procedure, has anyone heard of a Benelli lift. I believe it is a type of lift which involves less scarring. How would you know if you are suitable for this type of uplift? As I am worried about having a full uplift procedure on my breasts.


Hi Natasha, what do you mean by less scarring? I haven't heard of this procedure before, can you still have implants in? x


Hi Natasha

Thank you for asking your question on the Fitzroy Surgery forum. The Benelli technique involves an incision around the outside of the areola and may be suggested if you have slight nipple asymmetry or a mild lift is required. An Anchor Lift is the more traditional form of scarring, which occurs when a patient undergoes an uplift due to breast sag. The name has been given due to the ‘anchor’ shape the scar forms on the breast. The incision just like the Benelli technique as it forms around the areola but also travels vertically down the centre of the breast to the breast crease then horizontally along the breast crease forming an anchor shape. Following a physical examination with one of our breast expert surgeons, they will suggest the best technique for you. Scarring will fade in time and the aesthetic appearance of the scaring as well as the breast shape is our surgeon’s top priority.

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