Breast Implants replacing


I've had my implants for 10 years I've since had 2kids they've become uncomfortable and not as pert as they were I'd like these replacing but wanting to know what the price is, is it the same price as a simple breast implant op or is it more please


Hi Cath,

Thank you for joining the Fitzroy Surgery forum. The procedure to remove and replace implants is commonly known as a removal and re-augmention. It will be different to your first procedure as the surgeon will need to remove the implant, scar tissue and sometimes repair the pocket prior to the insertion of your new implant. There would be no additional scarring as surgeons will typically use the same horizontal breast crease scar from the previous surgery. Unfortunately prices vary so much from patient to patient that we are unable to give you a final price without a consultation. Considering many different factors like what procedure you need (you may require an uplift), if you are staying overnight etc.. means only one of our specialist nurses or surgeons will be able to confirm a price for you. Would you like to come in and meet someone?


Yesterday I had my 12 year old implants and new implants fitted. The reason I decided this was I've breast fed both my boys to a year and on top of that my old implants had started to capsulate and I knew this would only get worse. I visited the private surgeon who performed my first op, I was happy but he wasn't really interested when I questioned why they had capsulated. A friend suggested the Fitzroy surgery so I popped to Chelmsford where I was met by the lovely Cassandra. No question was to small and she made me feel 100% informed and happy. I could even pick the surgeon although she knew Dr Frati would be right for me. I really did not want huge fake boobs, I just needed mine a decade ago!

I booked to meet doctor Frati and Cassandra gave me her mobile and anything I needed to ask I just called. Once I met the surgeon I confirmed the size and then Cassandra called and booked me in. Infact the nurses Emily and Cassandra basically organised every part of my procedure, knowing I had two boys and a busy life especially as my partner had recently left, they would ring and remind me of blood tests or just check I had my hospital bag ready and I was happy with everything. Above all they were very friendly and kind.

On the 17.05.2015 I checked into the beautifulFitzroy hospital at 11am, the nurses were fantastic and I wasn't nervous at all. My sister drove me and my parents were looking after my children who thought I was away working. I thought it best the less they know the better. I was taken down at 3pm and back in my room for 5pm. I drank water but didn't eat until 7pm. The feelings strange it's a pressure on your chest almost like a small child is sitting on you. I had drains in either side but the nurses constantly checked me and when I needed the bathroom they helped to manoeuvre them.

I took two codeine at 10pm and woke at 1.30am for the bathroom and I had stiffened up a little. The nurses brought me some tea and I adjusted my sleeping position and woke again at 6am. I took more painkillers but I wasn't in too much discomfort. The nurses were amazing especially Esther who brought ice and countless cups of tea. I didn't have anyone with me as my sister had left at 6pm the night before but I was completely fine.

Dr Frati checked on me and explained how my left side had more scar tissue to be removed which is why it was more tender and that he evened up my breast putting 300cc in the left and 275cc in the right. The drains came out at 1pm but even that wasn't as bad as I thought. By 2pm I was picked up. I'm now recovering at home, the boys are absolutely fine and think I've hurt my back. I don't think children really understand hospitals so I thought a little white lie was best and it seems to have been.

Fingers crossed they don't practise any wrestling moves on my bed! I have my mum staying for the week and they'll be at school during the day so I have a couple of days till the weekend to get stronger. So far so good my boobs even look better in bandages, well they aren't hanging round my waist now at least!

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