breast reduction


Hi I am coming for a review and really want a breast reduction, this is mainly along with back pain so I can fit in my clothes properly etc? can anyone give me an example of how much weight you would loose from the procedure? x


Hello Ruth,

Thank you for using the forum, and good question.

Many women choose to have breast reduction surgery for the reasons that you have mentioned. Reducing the size of a large bust can greatly improve physical issues like back pain and boost self-confidence by creating a bust more proportionate to the rest of your body. Although this is done by removing volume and weight from the breast, this is not specifically a weight loss procedure. The amount of tissue removed from each breast will vary greatly from person to person, depending on the size of the breasts initially and the final result each individual is hoping to achieve.

At Fitzroy surgery we pride ourselves on our clinically lead approach; which means that at your initial consultation you will meet a fully qualified nurse that will be able to discuss your procedure fully. Your nurse co-ordinator will establish your specific needs and organise an appointment for you to see one of our specialist surgeons (who are some of the most experienced cosmetic surgeons worldwide). Once your surgeon has all the information about you they will be able to give you a fantastic idea of the results you are able to achieve.

I hoped this helped clarify your question. If you should wish to discuss more please do not hesitate to contact us here at the Fitzroy surgery or on the forum. We look forward to meeting you at your consultation.

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