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deja vu Déjà Vu is a Tony Scott film, released in late 2006. It is dedicated to the phenomenon paramnesia (deja vu in the psychological sense), but this is a very interesting film about causality and time frames. The poster of the film, as well as the trailer of the film, maintains this confusion.

The film begins with a spectacular attack on a ferry to New Orleans. Doug Carlin, hero of the film starring Denzel Washington, is an agent of the ATF ( Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives ) investigating this event. This investigation will lead him to participate in a secret government project: the analysis of past events thanks to an experimental machine opening a window of observation towards the past. The technical limit is that this observation can only be carried out precisely 4 days and 6 hours towards the past, it is impossible to make backward returns or rapid advances ... this observation can also be done only in a limited geographical area Except to use a portable extension of the machine).

As the film progresses, one discovers that the temporal window is not one-way; It is possible to send information to the observed area! The film then changes direction, and it is here that movie buffs and lovers of time travel delight ... The hero is no longer simply to discover the perpetrators of the attack, but also to ensure To save the victims in the reality observed, and in particular a young woman (played by Paula Patton) at the heart of their investigations.

Nevertheless, during the film, one realizes that the current reality has already undergone the influence of these temporal passages ... would the attempts of the hero to modify the time have had strictly no effect, There would be only one time line, where the various manipulations would only have blurred the tracks, but not to save the hundreds of victims?

This film is extremely intelligent, and that solicits the reflection of the viewer. I will not spoil that partially surprise by revealing that the end of the film describes a reality where the attack is avoided, and is crowned by a happy ending surprising but ultimately very logical. One can have several opinions on the temporal theory that underlies the film: a unique chronology but very elastic (fantastic option) or a multiplicity of time lines (option SF).

Personally, I lean on the existence of at least three time lines (the Wikipedia article supposes 4, see below) behind the film:

- at least one line (totally absent from the film) without time response: It must have started somewhere!

- One or more lines with temporal interventions failed, including one of them who form the bulk of the film with its disturbing evidence (the disappearance of Minuti, the phrase "u can save her" , the destruction of den wicked with the ambulance ...)

- a final line where the temporal interventions have managed to avoid the attack

Apart from the thoughts outlined above, the film also has many other interests, as well led suspense and scenes Really spectacular. The highlight of the show is an incredible scene of trans-temporal car pursuit, the hero chasing the day through a dense traffic the terrorist rolling at night on a clear road, thanks to a portable time window! Apart from Denzel Washington and Paula Patton, there are also other great performers in this film, such as Val Kilmer as team leader, Jim Caviezel as a terrorist, and Adam Goldberg in the inevitable role of the engineer in charge of Explanations on temporal paradoxes. And the city of New Orleans, just a few months after Hurricane Katrina, is a decor really well exploited.

In short, this is one of my favorite films of recent years, and a great surprise from Tony Scott!

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