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DJI Phantom Drone Deals: Save up to $ 170 on Refurbished Models

BY NILSE ยท APRIL 20, 2017

Camera drones have come a long way in recent years, with DJI cranking some of the best consumer models on the market today. Their highly qualified Phoneom Phantom lineup includes some of our favorites, and now you can get a professionally restored model and save up to $ 170 with the ongoing DJI Spring Sale.

Directly from the DJI online store, these refurbished quad drones are in a similar condition and have been cleaned, inspected and thoroughly tested, and backed by the company's manufacturer's standard warranty. If you have been thinking about getting a camera drone as a Father's Day or Graduation (or just for yourself) gift, these Ghost Buzz offers are your chance to mark a quality model at a serious discount .

Phantom 3 Standard

Phantom drone offers

The DJI Phantom 3 Standard is an excellent budget friendly option perfect for someone who is considering a drone, but does not want to spend a small fortune. The standard uses an easy-to-use intelligent control system and gimbal stabilization technology to keep your humming sound flying smoothly. The camera can record stable images at 2.7K HD resolution, take pictures at 12 megapixels and stream 720p real-time video directly to your mobile device

The Phantom 3 Standard is on the list of $ 399 on the DJI website, but a $ 70 discount brings the refurbished model to just $ 329. This is actually an even better deal than advertised, as other retailers are currently offering this Phone ghost for around $ 475 new.

$ 329 from DJI

Phantom 3 Professional

Phnom drone offers

If 4K video is a must-have but you still want to avoid bombing a fortune, Phantom 3 Professional is for you. The professional is one of our favorites, with the DT review team calling him an economic beast. Along with 4K recording capabilities, this Phantom Phantom features 3-axis gimbal technology and a Vision positioning system to improve stability when flying indoors. The DJI Pilot application allows the live transmission to your mobile device, which can be mounted on the included remote control.

Listed at $ 750, the revamped Phantom 3 Professional can be yours for only $ 579. Our reviewers pointed out that this drone was competitive even when it dropped to $ 995 early last year, so at this price you're getting a great Unit with capacity of 4K with great value.

$ 579 from DJI

Phantom 4

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Another of our favorite drones is the new Phantom 4, the latest addition of DJI to the Phantom family. With this next-generation model, DJI rebuilt its Phantom Phone from scratch, and our review team noted that the nimble Phantom 4 is an absolute joy to fly. This stylish, all-white quadcopter features the same 4K recording capability, gimbal flight stabilization, and Vision Positioning as the Phantom 3 Pro along with some great additions.

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The new ActiveTrack feature allows you to select a moving object and direct the Phantom 4 to follow it, while the built-in collision avoidance automatically prevents the drone from flying over obstacles. TapFly gets the drone in the air with a touch of your finger, and the GPS Smart Home Return function returns your Phantom 4.

Listed at $ 899, the restored Phantom 4 can be yours for only $ 729 and is an excellent choice for the drone enthusiast out there

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