How implant sizes and positions work and how will you know what ‘s right for you?


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One of our most asked questions is, ‘How do you know which size implants to choose?’ and ‘How to position them?’

Usually, most ladies have an idea of what they want to achieve. Whether you’d like a glamorous look, or a more natural appearance, discussing it with your surgeon gives them a good idea of what you’re expecting.

Your surgeon begins by taking 3 measurements, which indicate the size of your breast pocket. This is unique and determines a selection of implant sizes that’s best for your frame.

Using our sizer kits you can then try the selection out whilst wearing a sports bra. Our sizer kits are realistically shaped breasts which give you an accurate idea of what they’d feel and look like.

Though your surgeons will recommend a variety of sizes, the ultimate choice is up to you, providing your surgeon is happy. They also recommend which position is better for you. These are overs, unders or partials. Under the muscle gives a more natural look, but it’s determined by the tissue you have and the look you want. Your surgeon will go through it all in much more detail.

For quality of surgery and longer lasting results, with less complications we highly recommend your surgeons guidance. Hope that helps with some of your queries.

Tell us your stories, how the sizer kits felt and what helped you make your mind up by commenting today!

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