Lipo questions ?



So I am considering having lipo done but I am 45 years old, am I too old to be thinking of this ? I am unhappy with how I look which is why I want this procedure doing so much, but I worry about my recovery ? anyone else had lipo done around my age & how was the recovery period ?

thank you


Hi Bev,

Thank you for joining the Fitzory Surgery forum. There is no age limit when it comes to having liposuction and you should not feel restricted because of your age. Your specialised nurse coordinator and surgeon will assess your medical history, skin quality and the area you wish to have treated. This will happen in a physical examination to ensure you will receive the best possible results and undergo the right type of liposuction for you. The recovery period would depend on the type of liposuction and amount of areas treated and we would normally advise patients to have a week off work (if office/non-manual work) and refrain from physical activities for up to six weeks. I hope this has answered your questions?


Great , Thank you :) this has made me feel a little better, I will book a consultation in a few weeks in which case when I have more free time to really concentrate on this and do all my research I'm looking forward to possibly having a new body for summer!


Hi Bev, I had Vaser on my tummy, I didn't think I was going to be suitable due to the elasticity of my skin and the excess fat, however I am so pleased with the results, Fitzroy clinic are amazing you should absolutely book in to see the consultant. visit my instagram page- vaserlipofs

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