Holly Addision


Has anyone had Liposuction here?

If so which surgeon did you have for this and do you have any photos?

I would like to have this on my tummy and legs but I am worried about the skin texture on my tummy - I dont want a tummy tuck.

thank youHolly


Hello Holly

Thank you for joining the Fitzroy Surgery form. Following a physical examination with one of our expert surgeons they will determine the best procedure for you. There are a few key indicators that mean you won’t need a Tummy Tuck though and the main one would be good skin elasticity. What’s your skin elasticity like? Do you have an overhang of loose skin?

Holly Addision


there isnt really an over hang its more fat, I would say I have good skin elasticity - just a few stretch marks following pregnancy?




Hi I had liposuction if you want to have a look any of my photos i have uploaded some.


Hi Holly,

I'm from Canada and I had my liposuction surgery from a Toronto based cosmetic surgery clinic Dr. Sammy Sliwin http://www.sliwinplasticsurgery.com/procedures/bod...I know it's a tough task to decide which surgeon to choose but make sure you choose the best and board certified one. Once you decide then discuss with the suurgeon and cear out all your doubts and concerns and then proceed. Looking forward to see your post op pics. Wish you all the luck and blessings :)

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