Liposuction & Garments #help


Hi, I am planning on getting liposuction in the next few months and have been reading your site and generally getting my head around all of the information associated with this procedure, most of it makes sense... I think?!? However, one thing that has made me slightly confused is the garment factor - I am not quite sure why I would need to wear a garment or what the garments are for. Do I need to buy them? if so where from and how many? How long would I need to wear them for? I am due to have my initial consultation soon... so excited!! HELLO NEW MEE!!!


Hi India,

Hope your research is going well. There is a lot to take in, but the garment is an easy one.

Basically, the compression garment is worn after surgery. It’s tight fitting and applies even pressure on the skin encouraging it to stay smooth and heal well. Its job is to support the area that’s been treated, while minimising bruising and swelling. It’s really important and helps improve your recovery by providing external pressure to the delicate tissues deep inside.

It can also reduce possible complications that can happen after surgery. When fat or tissue is removed there is a risk of sagging, that’s why we recommend wearing the compression garment for 6 to 8 weeks, 24 hours a day. But it’s worth it! At Fitzroy Surgery we use a highly reputable company called Macom to supply reliable, professional garments. We’ll give you your own garment before surgery and you can buy more if you’d like to. We often provide a discount code. Just ask us about it in your consultation.

Hope that answers your questions. If not, feel free to comment again and I’ll answer as soon as I can.


Hi India, I am thinking about Liposuction (not sure which kind yet) did you go ahead? What kind did you have Traditional or Vaser liposuction?

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