Liposuction, Traditional or Vaser?


Hi, I hope you can help? I have been thinking about liposuction for a while and now that my kids are now older I feel like I can now, but I am confused as to which type of liposuction is best for me. I would be described as being on the large side and I would like alot removed all from my stomach area but I don't think I need a Tummy Tuck or anything. Any advice would be grateful.


Hello AmyAdele,

Thank you for posting on the Fitzroy Surgery Forum. This is a common question that we get asked regularly: what type of fat removal is right for me? There are so many options out there that include surgical, non-surgical, traditional, Vaser and even Tummy Tucks. It’s so difficult to say what kind of procedure you actually need without you undergoing a physical examination by either a nurse or surgeon. There are a few key indicators that mean you won’t need a Tummy Tuck though and the main one would be good skin elasticity. What’s your skin elasticity like? Ultimately it will be the surgeon’s decision as to which procedure you need so we would ask you to come in for a consultation as soon as you’re ready. And finally, we have a BMI limit so to help you further, what is your BMI?

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