Male breast implants


Hello could anyone from fizroy please advise if you can offer breast implants for males, i am a cross dresser and have been for many years, i am in a loving relationship and my girl supports my dressing also that i wear breast forms.

Id really like to get female breast implants done but its slightly harder to find a clinic who would offer this treatment, going abroad and getting it on the cheap isn't the answer as with all surgery you need someone who knows and has a passion for what they do.

Advise and help would be so apprciated

Kind regards Dean


Hi Dean, thank you for sharing your question on the Fitzroy Surgery forum. We do offer transgender breast enlargements and at Fitzroy Surgery but we do have a duty of care to ensure that all pre-op requirements are met. Below is a list of requirements that will need to be adhered to prior to your transgender breast augmentation procedure taking place. This list is not exhaustive and your surgeon, anaesthetist or the clinical team may request further information as requirements are bespoke to each individual patient;

Required to be on the Gender reassignment programme Supporting letter from your GP Supporting specialist letter from person/persons leading the reassignment programme Supporting letter from Counsellor or Psychologist Information regarding past medical history and current medication required ECG if over 55 Surgeon and anaesthetist will review the above along with a surgeon consultation prior to moving forward with surgery.

We hope the additional information helps but if you would like to discuss your individual case further please contact 03300249494.

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