my Breast Augmentation journey with Fitzroy surgery

Hayley Henderson

Hello just thought i would say a few words about my recent surgery with Fitzroy in hope to help anyone who is thinking about having a procedure done and specifically Breast Augmentation which is what i had.

I had been thinking of having a breast enlargement for a number of years but was more serious in having the procedure in the last few months. i did not hate my breast but always wished they were fuller and bigger without the use of a push up bra. At the age of 32 i had noticed they had changed since my twenties so thought i would esquire about a ba and the first steps.

My initial consultation was with Jill who was a nurse coordinator who talked me through the procedure. we spoke about why i wanted a Ba what my expectation were how they do the surgery, spoke about the implants and sizing, what type of look i was after, the surgeons and where they perform the procedure and also costing. I felt that she had all the time in the world for me and nothing was rushed and no sale pushes. With her being a nurse i felt as though she has so much knowledge on the procedure and any complications.

As this was a big decision i wanted to think a little about it (although i knew deep down i was going to go for it) I then booked to see Mr Kazzazi who was fantastic the consultation could not of gone any better and he reassured me that my expectations meet his with the decision of 450cc under the muscle so i was happy to proceed.

I then meet Jill again for a pre-op to take swabs and got through my medical history. on the day of my procedure i was a little nervous but mostly excited. i arrived at the Natural look Clinic and before i know it i was getting sorted for surgery. No hanging about at all i think i have waited longer for a bus!! out of surgery i was a bit uncomfortable and heavy on the chest which was to be expected but after some checks, breakfast and a few hours i was on my way home.

Recovery wise i needed a good week off work and house work i did find it difficult getting in and out of bed and had to have someone to help me as could not lift push or pull anything and was taking pain relief. By day 3 i was walking about and feeling much better but still could not lift and was being extremely careful. I had my strapping off on day 8 which was so tight on me so having it off gave me a lot of relief. this was also the fist time i saw them... the big reveal and big they were!!! this was mainly to do with swelling. Jill my nurse was then there at the end of the phone over the next few weeks to speak to if i had any questions or concerns and she stayed in contact with me.

From then i have been healing nicely and now pretty much back to my normal routine hand having my 6 week check next week when i then will be able to go bra shopping!! Over all i am extremely happy with the service from Fitzroy and my outcome and would highly recommend anyone thinking of having a procedure.

Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions as i am happy to help you with your decision making :-)


Thank you for sharing your Fitzroy Surgery Breast Augmentation Journey.

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