Hi ladies

Now January’s up and running and the gym membership’s kicked, it’s the perfect time to draw a line under old habits, start afresh and #reboot your system.

How about taking this opportunity to make 2016 your year and do something positive for YOU? We’re not talking new hair colour or a spa day (though we do love those too!). We’re talking getting round to doing the things you’ve always fancied but just put off.

Think of it as a bucket list for 2016. Change your job. Book yourself onto that course you’ve been looking at. Try your hand at a fun experience like a hot air balloon ride with some bubbly. Or yes… maybe it’s the year to get the ball rolling on that secret desire to boost those boobs, get the nose you deserve or drop a dress size with liposuction.

Tell us your #newyearnewyou secrets and we’ll see if we can help you make them happen.


2016 is definitely all about me!

I'm taking the plunge and I've booked in for my Uplift consultation - I can't wait! #newyearnewyou


#newyearnewme - I thought itd get involved in this post - Well apart from wanting the lose the weight (as per every year, this year im going too), but on a serious note - I am going to bite the bullet and get my nose done. Its taking a long time to build up courage as im terrified but I hate my nose so my dad always say if you don't like something and you have the ability to change it - change it!! consult booked for next week...eeeekkk!!! Is anyone else planning on getting a nose job? xxx


2016 will finally be the year I fit comfortably into every pair of trousers I own, perhaps even lose a dress size!

Goodbye poor genetics, hello Vaser liposuction! #newyearnewyou

Any recommendations on which surgeon to choose? They all sound great


I feel the same! I've had enough of looking at all the lovely tight dresses and jeans I can't fit into ???? I just need to find the right surgeon

DHL Tracking



Very Nice.

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