I had implants with the NHS in 2013 to correct an asymmetry in my breasts which has affected my confidence since my teens. They have served me well however I’m thinking of having a re-augmentation and opting for implants that are a touch bigger! I have done a bit of research but still have some questions that perhaps you guys may be able to help me with….

With me having an augmentation a few years ago, I have some idea of the risks that come with implants, but with this being my second procedure are there any risks that are increased?What exactly happens during a re-augmentation? does it differ much from a normal Breast Augmentation other than removing the implants? How long is the procedure?? and what happens to the implants that are removed? (not that I want to keep them!) one thing I haven’t come across in my research is price, any ideas if a removal and re-augmentation is the same price as a Breast Augmentation or is it more expensive?

Oh and would I need to get copies of my previous surgery notes before I can have a consultation??


Hi Jules63,

Thanks for considering Fitzroy Surgery for your re-augmentation. Because the reason you’re choosing to have a re-augmentation can affect the procedure and how it’s carried out, we highly recommend you pop in for a free consultation with one of our knowledgeable nurse coordinators so we can find out exactly what you need and give you accurate, informed advice.

In the meantime, here’s some answers to your questions.

During a re-augmentation we remove and dispose of the old implants in clinical waste, in line with our policy. The new implants are usually placed in the same position, depending on what you’d like to achieve, your individual body shape and the surgeon’s professional recommendation. At this point you may consider a larger implant or uplift, depending on the shape of your breasts.

This procedure can take up to 1.5 hours, depending on how complex it is.

As with any surgery there are risks. These can be related to the size of the implants and their placement, which are details that both your surgeon and your nurse will discuss in depth with you. And finally, documentation of your previous augmentation helps us gather vital information about you and your medical history so we can ensure everything goes smoothly. So yes, please bring this or discuss with us how to get copies.

Hope that helps. We look forward to seeing you Jules.


Thank you for answering my questions, I think i would definitely like to come in for a consultation and speak to a nurse coordinator and perhaps get some information leaflets too.

I have filled in a contact us form and will wait for a call back to book in my consultation! Thank you again for your help!!


Jules I'm wanting the same procedure did u manage to get a price please

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