Surgeon Consultation?



I've been in for my initial consultation with the nurse (who was lovely!) and I'm booked in to see a surgeon. I've not met a surgeon before and don't really know what happens. What does he talk about? thanks in advance


Hi Rachel,

That’s a great question. Our surgeons are some of the best in the world and though they are highly skilled in their specialist area, they are also great at listening to your goals and delivering the facts with honesty and clarity.

In your consultation your surgeon will encourage you to talk about what you want to achieve and why. You might even have pictures you can bring. Your surgeon will then assess you and answer all your questions as you go along. It’s also the time when they’ll tell you about any risks associated with the surgery, so you have all the facts to make an informed choice.

Once your surgeon has all the information about you, they’ll give you their opinion on the best size, shape and procedure, which you can both chat through together.

The nice thing about your consultation is that there’s no time limit, so there’s no pressure to ask all your questions or sign up to anything you’re not sure about. In fact, we like you to go away and have a good think about everything we’ve discussed so you’re really comfortable with all the options.

If you’d like to set up a chat, comment here or visit our Contact Us page.


Thanks moderator, I'm actually really excited now!

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