Surgery after kids


Hi Ladies!

I have been thinking about Vaser since the birth of my baby boy as I'm struggling to shift some baby weight.

how long do you have to wait before you can attend a consultation and have the procedure ?

My little boy is 6 months now but Im not sure if this is still too early, any ideas?


Hello Jayne,

Thank you for posting on the Fitzroy Surgery forum. We would say it is an ideal time for you to attend a consultation as you will be able to gain more information from your Nurse Coordinator. There are physical restrictions and healing times you will need to be aware of, especially when you have a 6 month old child to look after. Vaser is a popular procedure for mums but it’s worth considering that the elasticity of your skin will determine whether you are suitable for this form of liposuction. What we recommend is coming in for a consultation with your Nurse and she will be able to physically assess whether you are fit for Vaser.

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