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The release of the results will also hold professors more accountable for their teaching styles.UW Oshkosh students undergo a similar process to Rate My Professor toward the end of every semester when they fill out evaluations for each of their classes, hand them in and never see the surveys again. Unlike Rate My Professor, these surveys are not public.According to the UW System Policy on Student Evaluation of Instruction, student evaluation of teaching is an important source of information on classroom performance.If this information was available to students, it would be useful to them as well when it comes to choosing future classes.The University should consider making evaluation results public record. The evaluations should also be changed from a 1-5 scale to a more open-ended form where students could actually be given the opportunity to let their thoughts about professors be heard.When students are handed these evaluations, a lot of the times they probably fill them out without putting a lot of thought into their answers so they can leave class sooner and move onto other things. If they never find out the results of the evaluations, what they say in their responses probably does not matter all that much to them.This Rate My Professor ksu, make the process of choosing courses much less stressful for college students, as it provides other students perspectives on the professors who lead the classes, as well as insight on the course itself. rate my teacher floridaKnowing what other students have to say about courses and professors is important because those former students are usually the people who can give the most accurate information about what a professor is like, as they have already experienced the class.


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