Things to tell your children if you want to keep Surgery a secret.


Hello there,

As the Fitzroy Forum Moderator I’m not just here to answer questions, I’m also here to give you practical advice about things that you maybe haven’t even considered yet…like how to keep your surgery a secret from the children – if you want to.

The most popular ‘excuse’ for staying away is usually, ‘I’m working away for a few days,’ ‘I’m on a training course this week’, or ‘I’ve booked a few days in a spa with the girls’.

Pick something that fits in with your lifestyle and is plausible. Like if you have family or friends that live a distance away, how about…’I’m just visiting grandma/ aunty Lisa for a couple of days’, or ‘Can’t wait to go on my London shopping trip with Helen’.

But not everyone keeps their surgery a secret. Some patients have brought their teenage daughters to their consultations, so they can see what’s involved and what should be considered. This is brilliant to highlight to them that’s it’s usually a big decision that’s been thought about for years. It can help older children understand why you’re choosing this path.

We’d love to hear what you think! Post your comments or excuses below.

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