Welcome to the Fitzroy Surgery Forum


Hello and welcome to the Fitzroy Surgery Forum.

I’m your Forum moderator and a nurse at Fitzroy Surgery. I’m here to make sure it runs smoothly and to answer any questions quickly and accurately.

We’re really excited to launch this Forum, it’s a great place where you and other members can share your experiences, advice and even post your before and after images, if you want to.

Chatting and sharing is really helpful whatever stage of the journey you’re at. Besides being a great place for support, it’s also useful for family and friends to research your procedure and understand what’s involved.

Using tags will help you make the most of our forum. Tags group your post by topic or subject making conversations easier to find. So if you add #breastenlargement to your post, another member can click on it to read every post about breast enlargements on our forum. You can use all sorts of tags like your clinic, #london or even your procedure, like #breastenlargement.

We also have a ‘Popular Tags’ page that features the most talked about and trending tags. It’s a brilliant way to get a really truthful insight into what is involved. The space below shows you how to enter your tags when posting a new topic. It’s really easy, so why not join us today?

Comment with any questions you may have and we'll do our best to help you out as quickly as we can.

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