What's the food like in the hospital?


hi Mod,

I'm interested about finding out more about the hospital food for your London hospital. Can you show me where to look?



Thanks for your question about Fitzroy Surgery Food.

We have a fantastic menu, created specifically to improve wellbeing and health, besides being super tasty. We’re a firm believer in the ethics of Amelia Freer, who is the nutritionist to the stars. She says, “Food is medicine. We have enough research to show that it has a huge impact on how our bodies behave.”

Our menu is packed full of goodness and flavour, specially designed to feature ingredients that are naturally high in protein, good fats and vegetables. All have properties to boost the immune system, so you stay fit and healthy post-op and are crammed with vitality giving vitamins.

You’ll find Vegan options, vegetarian, diary free and gluten free choices. In fact, we think we’ve got a range of dietary needs covered.

On our menu you can also see the gurus and food bibles that have influenced the choices our top nutritionists have provided. From fresh, filling breakfasts to mouth-watering snacks, lunches and dinners, our range promotes optimum health, bursting with flavours your taste buds will love.

If you’ve tried our menu, tell us what you thought of it, or tell us what you’d like to see.


thanks! x


Having just experienced an over night stay I can confirm the food was absolutely delicious. The nurses made sure I ordered in advance for after the surgery. I always worry I'll be sat up all night hungry but the nurses even brought me tea and biscuits in the middle of the night.

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