Will I need an Uplift?


I’ve had 2 children and considering a breast enlargement. I’ve read that I may need an uplift because I’ve breastfed but I’d like to know before I come in for a consultation. Are there any signs that point towards needing an uplift?


Hi Kalie, Thanks for your question. Only an examination will reveal whether you’d need an uplift or an enlargement, but here’s some pointers which may help give you an idea in the mean time You mentioned you breastfed, did you breastfeed both of your children and for how long? This can be a good indicator. And there’s an assessment you can do yourself. Look at your nipples, where are they pointing? Pretty central, to the side, or are they more south facing? Weight is another factor. If you’re a keen dieter do you lose or gain weight in your breasts? If you’ve lost volume in the upper part of your breasts, would you say they now sag? And how do they sit? Do they fall to the sides? Another good tell-tale sign is the breast crease. Can you hold a pen in yours, or can you see your breast crease when standing up straight? If you’ve answered ‘YES’ to most of these questions, then the chances are you may need an uplift. However, I’d really recommend you come in for a consultation with one of our highly specialised breast surgeons. It’ll help you both gain a true understanding and give you the chance to ask any more questions.


Thank you very much, I'll book in for a consultation now!


Hi Kalie, How did your consultation go?

I had a consultation for a breast enlargement but I now know I need an uplift.

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